Monday, 28 April 2014

Get best summer training in india

Summer Training is very much preferred by Engineering students from all the branches of engineering like CS, IT, Electronics, Telecommunication, Mechanical, civil, Electrical and many more. LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd provides 6 weeks/ 6 months job oriented training to the engineering students along with 100% placement assistance. Summer Internship 2014 in Jaipur is beneficial for the students in a number of ways. It actually helps you to implement the theories that you have learnt in your classroom into real life problems. It is an important part of the curriculum and your attention should not be only towards getting a certificate. You have to focus on practical oriented learning.

Now days there are lakhs engineering graduates passing from the colleges. The quality of technical education in these colleges is a big question mark. Only 15% of the engineering students are employable. There are enough opportunities for the freshers but the primary requirement apart from the basic qualification is how much you are updated with the latest technology, how much aware you are about the industry trends and how much open you are to learn and acquire new skills. It is important that your basic fundamental skills must be strong enough and hence you are always advised to undergo short term 6 weeks and long term 6 months training program.

Various key features of summer training will include the following details.

·         It is an industry-oriented program.

·         Project oriented training program with a strong focus on specialization.

·         Emphasis on hands on programming and practical approach.

·         Various types of monetary discounts are provided to the students.

·         All the experts have rich experience from development domain.

Summer vacations are usually long and it is the best time for the passionate engineering students to experiment, explore and learn new things. So it is up to you whether you like to utilize you summer vacation for a better career in the future or not. Students will be given ample chances to work on software as well as hardware and hence they will be getting an idea about practical oriented training. This training program will help to bridge the gap between the academics and the industry.

Above are the few things that you should look in any institution/company before going there for Summer Training in Jaipur and growing your knowledge in your respective fields, and you must do it, after all you are you are giving your future into their hands and those hands must be professional and technically sound enough with latest know how.

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