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PHP Summer Training in Jaipur

If you are looking for PHP Training in jaipur you are here at the best place to build your own IT career. We also discuss you to make a choice between several of courses available with us; the best choices are based on your education and qualification, your interest and most often your unseen skills. We help you encourage your skills and build a success path for your long and innovative career.

Live Summer Training 2014 in Jaipur , Live Project Training is another feather important factor of our institute, due to our strong growth in this industry, we will give also provide you a chance to work on real Live Projects of PHP software or Website development and integration with our experts. This is such an amazing experience for the entire student aspiring for a long term and best career in IT field. So if you are with us, you are connected with us as Software. Come and Join the Revolution for your bright future.

PHP is an innovative and modern web development language that works on windows and linux/Unix servers. Due it understanding and open source nature, PHP has made popular in the world in very short period of time and get success very soon. You can easily create highly economical any kind of internet based custom web applications application, Ecommerce website, Social networking sites with the help of PHP.

PHP training makes you familiar with several database functionalities that use MySQL. With the training of PHP you will be learn how to php support MySQL for the better database connection. With the help of PHP training you will know how to install various PHP versions. You will use UNIX and Linux server, you may require downloading the PHP source code. At the training time you would get to learn about the manual steps of installing web server.

MySQL is used in PHP as a database backend. MySQL is including Relational Database Management system supported by Sun Microsystems. PHP training course is designed for student those know basic Object Oriented concepts (OOP's) and fundamentals of C and C++ and HTML.

Our PHP Training Course Summer Training 2014
Introduction of PHP, MYSQL, HTML
Installation of PHP and MySQL
Creating PHP pages using PHP 5
Declaration Of variables & Naming convention

Programming Concept of PHP
PHP Operators,
¦Else, Switch
PHP Arrays, Looping, Functions
PHP Forms, $_GET, $_POST

Database with MYSQL
 Create the Database in MySql
 Create table in MySql
 Insert the data in Table using MYSQL
Edit table structure in MYSQL
Import and Export the Database in MYSQL
Deleting the data in Table using MYSQL

PHP Forms with MySql

Overview of Forms
Introduction of HTML Controls like Dropdown, Checkbox

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