Friday, 7 March 2014

Summer Training Program for B.Tech for a Promising Career

There is no doubt in the point that summer training is one of the most crucial phases of the academic time of a student. Most of the people just confuse it with a training of one month or one and half month. But it is not true if you look out at its importance. It is true that time period of summer training is around one month or one and a half but this time can change your life. This time is a phase of life when you start planning for a career and which field you want to expertise in. In other words you can say that your whole career gets a direction during this phase. So, if you ignore this time in carelessness and enjoying then you have to pay a heavy price for it. On the other hand, utilizing the time with learning new technical ideas will help you in achieving a successful IT career.

There are some people who are serious about their career but they feel in choosing a good institute for Summer Industrial Training 2014 in Jaipur and they fail in attaining knowledge they wanted during their training. This happens due to lack of knowledge about summer training. There are many people who are confused about what are the basic necessities of summer training. After searching at different sites of institutes they realize that summer training is only about learning some technical skills and earning a training certificate. But actually the experience of summer training is a lot more than that. It is the phase where you learn technical skills; you explore some new points, implement them practically and gain some practical experience. This whole package can only be availed from a training institute which has a good reputation and which is reliable in terms of learning.

Linux World India is a big name among the institute which provides summer training to the B.Tech students. The students can be benefitted in training at different platforms like .Net, web development, Python, Perl scripting, shell scripting, ethical hacking and firewall. The students also have the option of training in Cisco and RedHat certified courses which are rarely provided by any institute. Apart from all the benefits, working on live project is the most fascinating feature about which every student's dream of. Live project is a project which is equivalent to an IT industry project. With the help of this project the students get exposure of the IT industry and its working. They also develop the qualities of professionalism and potential of tackling stiff situations during a project. Linux World India has a team of trainers who are well experienced and expertise in their respective fields. These trainers will offer complete assistances to the students during their project completion. Students can access the well equipped lab of the institute whenever they want. Regarding the benefits of training with Linux World, the students will get two different certificates for training completion and development of the project. In addition to this, they will membership card valid for a lifetime and participation certificate.  

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